Photo2Culture is our legacy from the past, our current capital, and will be our legacy for future generations. It is our social and natural imprint, which characterizes our lives, our cities and our nations. Cultural goods and services, in whatever form they are expressed, will play an ever-increasing role as a development and job  creation tool.

The UNESCO 1972 World Heritage Convention, together with the more recent ones concerning Intangible heritage (2003) and Cultural diversity (2005) represent the most significant and successful cultural and social policies in support of preservation and promotion of Cultural Heritage.

Based on this strategic goals supported by UNESCO and the sustainable local development approach there is a need of training those who are concerned with the day-to-day management of cultural activities and historic places and the production of cultural and natural goods and services.

The close collaboration of senior specialists of the Culture Sector of UNESCO, working in the area of Millennium Development Goals, Historic Urban Landscape, Sustainable Tourism Programme, Nominations to the World Heritage List, Management and Periodic Reporting of World Heritage Properties, strengthen the success of the Master.


Our approach:

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